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Pasadena Public Library ~ Free Meditation for Youth & Adults

Pasadena Public Library ~ Free Meditation for Youth & Adults

Hello Friends,
We have decided to postpone the Complimentary Meditation Series scheduled to begin the first week in April for Youth and Seniors at The Pasadena Public Library until May.  You can still contact The Pasadena Public Library at 686-2792 or email to register. Information Flyer is attached for your review.
Thank you for your understanding,
Sharon ~
SEVA Meditation 🕊

In response to accumulated stress and layers of uncertainty that are present and appear to continue, spiritual lightness and mental health relief are needed now more than ever! In conjunction with Pasadena Public Library and Pasadena Place, an opportunity for you to experience how a meditation technique can assist you with this transition and offer peace in every moment of your life is available.

Public Libray: Learn to meditate! New Free Program coming in May! Call 686-2792 or email to register. All details can be found on the attached poster
Pasadena Place:  SAVE THE DATE!  An afternoon of Yoga/Meditation/Mindfulness.  May 1, 2022.  For more information, contact 709-686-2135 or email:

Trained in Transcendental Meditation, The Global Country of World Peace, Maharishi Institute. Certified Community Health, Safe and Practice and Environment, UNB, UFR. Primoridal Sound Meditation Instructor Certification with The Chopra Center Universtiy, CCU, Carlsbad, California. Continual education with the Chorpa Center University in meditation instruction techniques specifically for children, seniors, PTSD, anxeity disorders, stress management and overall wellbeing techniques. Meditation sessions are offered on demand for groups and private individuals.