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Primordial Sound Meditation Sessions

Are you ready to take your meditation practice to a higher experience? The Primordial Sound Meditation Course may be your next choice. New Courses start each month.  These sessions are planned around students’ schedules and are very flexible.  You also have the option of completing this Course privately or with a group. Should you decide […]

 Prenatal Mindful Meditation Series

 Prenatal Mindful Meditation Focuses on the Mother, Father, and Unborn Child. Testimonial from a client of this series: Sharon and I met regularly as I explored my pregnancy and birth preparation. She was able to provide feedback and individualized intentions to address the emotional experience I was having as a mother-to-be. Sharon was critical in my pregnancy and […]

Life Transformation Guided Sessions

A MOST POPULAR SERIES! These private sessions are a great starting point for experiencing the many benefits a meditation practice can provide. Book your private session today. Begin your journey of self-care and transformation. The possibilities are endless! (Save when you book two or more)

Save The Date 2023!

Chakradance, A 9-Part Immersion Retreat ~ Pasadena, NL Save the date November 4, 2023! A one-day Retreat in the works at SEVA Meditation for Pasadena, NL.  I will be launching Chakradance. A fusion of Jungian Psychology, the chakras, spontaneous movement, and mandala art. Chakradance frees us from our past so that we can discover a […]