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Wisdom of the Chakras ~ Private Series

This series involves aligning and balancing these energies to promote holistic well-being. Chakra Healing,  places an emphasis on visualization and energy alignment, offering a powerful tool for effective, and subconscious release, without the need for extensive verbal communication.  Contact me to register for your private 3-part series to experience the wisdom of your Chakras. 

Meditation, Mocha & Mingling Series

So excited to be offering this MEDITATION, MOCHAS Series! If you’ve ever been curious about learning to meditate, this is a fabulous warm and welcoming place to start! Join me, Sharon Evans of Seva Meditation at Café 59. A $25 fee reserves your chair, coffee, and a sweet treat. To participate, simply EMT We […]

Chakradance One-Day Workshop ~

Let me ask, are you stuck in patterns of behavior that you just can’t seem to break free from? Maybe you’re attracting the same toxic relationships over and over, or experiencing the same painful health issues repeatedly. It could be you are drinking too much, eating too much (or too little), or numbing yourself by watching […]

Weekly Guided Sunset Meditation 2023!

At last, we can move to the rhythm of summer and enjoy weekly guided sunset meditations on scenic Pasadena Beach, Pasadena, NL. Our first session begins June 21st @ 7:00 pm ~ The Summer Solstice Guided Sunset Meditation. If you’re traveling our Island this summer and would like to join us, follow me for up-to-date […]