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Chakradance One-Day Workshop ~

Chakradance One-Day Workshop ~

Let me ask, are you stuck in patterns of behavior that you just can’t seem to break free from? Maybe you’re attracting the same toxic relationships over and over, or experiencing the same painful health issues repeatedly. It could be you are drinking too much, eating too much (or too little), or numbing yourself by watching endless hours of mindless TV. 
These patterns might be starting to disrupt your life, causing you to feel unhappy and down on yourself. You might be feeling disappointed that you can’t seem to change. You may have the best intentions to break these patterns, but something always seems to take over, landing you right back here again.
I want to share something that I’ve learned to be true. These patterns are not about what’s happening now. They are caused by what is unresolved from your past. Simply trying to use willpower to change doesn’t work, or not for long anyhow.

This is why I’m so passionate about Chakradance. A fusion of Jungian Psychology, the chakras, spontaneous movement, and mandala art, Chakradance frees us from our past so that we can discover a life of freedom and flow. Look at the information flyer and decide if this is something you would be interested in participating in and then go ahead and contact me to register.  With you on this journey, Sharon ~


Trained in Transcendental Meditation, The Global Country of World Peace, Maharishi Institute. Certified Community Health, Safe and Practice and Environment, UNB, UFR. Primoridal Sound Meditation Instructor Certification with The Chopra Center Universtiy, CCU, Carlsbad, California. Continual education with the Chorpa Center University in meditation instruction techniques specifically for children, seniors, PTSD, anxeity disorders, stress management and overall wellbeing techniques. Meditation sessions are offered on demand for groups and private individuals.