Author: Seva Meditation

Trained in Transcendental Meditation, The Global Country of World Peace, Maharishi Institute. Certified Community Health, Safe and Practice and Environment, UNB, UFR. Primoridal Sound Meditation Instructor Certification with The Chopra Center Universtiy, CCU, Carlsbad, California. Continual education with the Chorpa Center University in meditation instruction techniques specifically for children, seniors, PTSD, anxeity disorders, stress management and overall wellbeing techniques. Meditation sessions are offered on demand for groups and private individuals.

Weekly Guided Sunset Meditations Resume at Pasadena Beach, NL

Join us every week for a serene and rejuvenating experience at Pasadena Beach, Newfoundland. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and harness the power of the setting sun during our guided sunset meditations.Bring comfortable clothing/beach chair or towel/water bottle/mosquito repellent and an open mind and the willingness to relax.$10 drop-in feeNote: In case of […]

Transformative Wellness Retreat

Join us for a weekend wellness retreat to discover lasting transformation.   This upcoming Retreat is an incredible opportunity for you to deepen your meditation practice and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery.

Wisdom of the Chakras ~ Private Series

This series involves aligning and balancing these energies to promote holistic well-being. Chakra Healing,  places an emphasis on visualization and energy alignment, offering a powerful tool for effective, and subconscious release, without the need for extensive verbal communication.  Contact me to register for your private 3-part series to experience the wisdom of your Chakras.